The art of living well - with heart, mind, spirit and body, as one.

My Story

My name is Elizabeth Blake. A native New Yorker, I was born in Manhattan, raised in the suburbs. Along the Long Island Sound, our town was home to houses with fences, boats, ocean air, playgrounds and soccer fields. I appreciate my upbringing but I never felt fully at home there, the place didn’t quite nourish my soul.

As a kid, I loved playing dress up and digging for earthworms. I was drawn to both the earthy, and the glamorous. The bright lights of the city could be seen from the shore of our town, and they drew me in. By the time I was 14, I knew where I wanted to go when I left home. Back to the place of my birth – New York City.

The energy and vibrancy of the city, the culture, the food – I loved it all. Upon arrival, though, I fell ill, and college life was challenging and my body was in disarray. I felt the lack of trees and green in the urban landscape, and my being was full of suffering and confusion. That’s when I first began my healing journey through my studies of holistic health, awakening to the interconnectedness all of things.

I wanted to study Psychology, but I soon intuited that Psych 101 was totally missing the point. I didn’t know what the “point” was, but I followed my instinct, and I’m glad I did. Being surrounded by so many freethinking people at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, I found my way into a new integrated paradigm and I forged a path of interdisciplinary study that felt true to my soul.

I studied Jungian Psychology, Shamanism, Nutrition, Mind Body Connection, Reiki and Photography. I dove into exploring alternatives to the inchoate Western medical model of physical and mental health, and explored the whole being as it relates to the physical and subtle energy body, the psyche, the environment, and community.

After graduation, I began my Gypsy Journey Era. Beginning with a long drive across the country to Burning Man, I then lived and worked at my family’s eco-village in Jamaica. Here I rooted my being deeply into the earth and synced with a more natural rhythm of natural being.

Back in NYC, I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I became a certified Holistic Health Coach. I set out yet again to take a chef job at an ayahuasca retreat center in Peru, where I awakened to the wisdom of spirit. While a nomad, I learned to be still and listen.

Traveling for years, I worked as a chef at festivals up and down the west coast. In the jungle, I managed off-the-grid kitchens while I studied with shamans, received teachings from plants, and connected with healing foods.

In the midst of my travels, I completed training as a Reiki Master, two additional 200 RYT yoga trainings, and an intensive Tantra Yoga teacher training. I was delving deeper into the spirit-body-mind healing arts, and nourishing my soul.

I realized that the earth is intelligent, that nature heals and that both love and self-love are powerful medicine. We all have our own answers within, but we need the techniques to deeply listen – our bodies are our own teachers and carry incredible wisdom. I learned that plants are incredible teachers, and that food is either medicine or poison – it’s your a choice. I realized that our sexuality and our creativity are deeply intertwined. Exploring orgasmic energy is key to self-actualization. I realized the healing power of the breath.

I saw that illness is systemic in our societies, and that the time is NOW to re-integrate the sacred feminine into our collective psyche. Community is key, and that in order to thrive, we must empower each other with creative alternatives to the status quo. I realized the power of taking full responsibility of life, and that to truly care for ourselves, we must care for the earth.

Then, while traveling Japan, I discovered KOKORO – a way of life in which people are aware of subtle vibrations, celebrate the sensuality, beauty and intelligence of nature and put heart into all aspects of life. There is no word in English that describes this unity of heart, mind and spirit, and I knew, living with KOKORO is the key to living well, fulfilling our potential and creating a reality that heals and nourishes.

This was the word I’d been looking for – and it harmonized all of my realizations into one beautiful philosophy.

After traveling for many years, I felt the need to ground myself. I sought to learn about media, business and the digital world. Back in the NYC grind, I got an apartment and a job at a tech start-up, and suddenly found myself in a polar reality. I worked 9-5 sitting in front of a computer at a desk managing the digital community. This wasn’t me, and it began to drain my soul. But there is a teaching in every experience, and I saw the need to Integrate The Divine, Even In The Grind.

It was time to create KOKOROLIFE!

So I took the leap, left the job, and gave up the lease on my Brooklyn apartment. I began refining my work with Cacao, making essences and building KOKOROLIFE during a stay in upstate New York. It can be scary to feel unmoored, but as I follow the heart-led path, I find the days are filled with more and more inspiration.

With KOKOROLIFE, I share insights into the art of living well. KOKOROLIFE educates and empowers, offering sacred mind-body tools to heal, transform, and thrive. Some of my favorite tools include plant medicine, healing foods, sacred sexuality, healing fitness and Cacao. I’m in love with Cacao and I’ve been deepening my relationship with this sacred plant and sharing it with others. Cacao connects us to our hearts, cultivates deep listening, ecstatic expression and the courage to live the heart’s desire.

Through following my heart, my gut and my intuition, even down paths that some might not deem rational or safe, I’ve woven a tapestry of experience and knowledge. I use my mind too, but never let my over-active mind make a major life decision. The mind and the body are deeply intertwined; this alchemical relationship between consciousness and the material world is the key to living well. By living this way, the KORORO way, I find beauty in simplicity and celebrate the sacred in the mundane.