KOKORO means heart, mind, and spirit, as one.

While traveling Japan, I discovered KOKORO – a way of life in which people are aware of subtle vibrations, celebrate the sensuality, beauty and intelligence of nature and put heart into all aspects of life. This was the word I’d been looking for! There is no word in English that describes this unity of heart, mind and spirit. Living with KOKORO is the key to living well, fulfilling our potential and creating a reality that heals and nourishes.

With The Kokoro Life, I share insights into the art of living well, drawing upon my 12 years of studying the healing arts and my deep love of Cacao. The Kokoro Life educates and empowers, offering sacred mind body tools to heal, to transform, and to thrive. Some of my favorite transformational tools include earth medicine, healing foods, sacred sexuality, and healing fitness. 

I’ve always loved Cacao and in the past few years I’ve deepened my relationship with this sacred plant. Cacao connects us to our hearts, cultivates deep listening, ecstatic expression and courage to live the heart’s desire. And I love sharing this medicine with others!

Elizabeth Blake

I am a Cacao Alchemist and Kokoro Life Mentor. I believe that unearthing ways to live the heart’s desires and connecting our erotic creative power to the heart is key to healing and living well.

With a history of health issues that were not healed and mostly worsened by western medicine, in my teenage years I began my journey discovering ways to truly be well. I transformed my life through healing foods, energy medicine, yoga, shamanism, eco-village living, meditation, sacred sexuality, ritual, bodywork, gardening and plant medicine.

In college I self-designed a major in Holistic Health at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. My academic studies focused on Jungian psychology, nutrition, body awareness, mind-body connection, shamanism, alternative mental health community building and photography. After college I traveled the world studying plant medicine with shamans and working as a vegan chef. I’m a certified Reiki Master. I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach. I’m a twice 200hr RYT certified Yoga Teacher, one of which was the 200 hr ANYA Yoga training program. I’m also a certified Tantra Yoga Teacher. And I’ve been working with plant medicine for over 10 years.

On my journey…

I quickly realized that living well requires looking at all aspects of life – that the mind and the body are deeply intertwined and that this sacred alchemical relationship between consciousness and the material world is the key to living well.

I realized that the earth is intelligent, that nature heals and that love (and self-love) is a powerful medicine. I realized that we are all have our own answers within, sometimes we need some techniques to deeply listen. I realized that plants are intelligent incredible teachers. I realized that food is either medicine or poison, it’s a choice. I realized our bodies are our teachers and carry incredible wisdom. I realized that our sexuality and our creativity are deeply intertwined. I realized that expanding orgasmic energy is key to self actualization.I realized the healing power of the breath. I realized the power of taking full responsibility of life. 

I realized that the time is NOW to re-integrate the sacred feminine into our collective psyche. I realized that individual wellness expands beyond the individual and that illness is systemic to our society. I realized that community is key and that in order to thrive, we must empower each other with creative alternatives to the status quo. I realized that to truly care for ourselves and each other, we must care for the earth.